At an early age, I knew I had creative aspirations within. I always looked at things differently; whether it was architecture, design, or film, I sought to express my own thoughts and creativity through any art form possible.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Computer Animation, from the Illinois Institute of Art. This is where I developed my skills as a 3D Artist. I won multiple awards for Character Design and Sound Editing at the Institution's Animation Festival, which was judged by leading industry professionals from major studios. During my studies, I also became the Project Leader for a team animation, where I oversaw and correlated the work of 25+ students, while also taking on the lead position of Character Animator and Editor. During my years at this institution, I decided to give back to the community to which I received so much learning. I became a student teacher and assisted the professors with prospective graduates with learning from modeling, animation, and editing. Upon graduation, I was presented with the prestigious Wade Ray Scholarship Award, which is the Institution's most sought after Scholarship, for it is not an award that students can apply, but it is given to a single individual for each graduating year, for being an exceptional and exemplary student.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to be a part of multiple projects for a quantity of Blue Chip companies. I have always felt that a company not only invests in just talent, but all aspects that an individual can contribute. I consider myself to be a professional artist that strives for perfection in detail through hard work and honesty. I always take pride in the work that I accomplish, and I like to present myself with the utmost integrity.